About NSPS

“NSPS totally rejuvenates our entire staff and gets us excited about the upcoming season. It gives us new ideas to adjust or add to our current programs.”
– Jen Guimaraes, Lake Champlain Community Sailing

“You have people who are at the beginning of their career and taking their first steps into management and you also have people who have been running programs for 25 years. It’s a great cross-section of people in attendance.”
– Morgan Collins, Lake Forest Yacht Club

“What’s nice is that this event brings everyone in the industry together, so you get a lot of exposure to so much knowledge on the issues from organizations around the country.”
– Justine O’Connor, San Francisco Yacht Club

The National Sailing Programs Symposium (NSPS) is the premier event for sailing education in the United States. NSPS is the only conference of its kind that brings together program directors,  instructors, volunteers, parents and industry representatives to share and learn best practices with one another about running, maintaining and improving sailing programs. Our goal is to have participants coming out of the symposium with ideas to apply to their sailing programs, make them better and help them grow.

Since the sailing programs symposiums began in 1984, thousands of attendees have taken advantage of this unique opportunity to examine and improve their curriculums, their business practices and their missions. In 2019 NSPS will have more events than ever where you can spend guided and focused time networking with your peers, learning from industry leaders and manufacturer representatives, and experiencing keynote presentations from some of the most accomplished and best known sailing luminaries in the world.


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