2017 Event Presentation Archive

TRACK 1 – Growing the Sport of Sailing

5 Strategies to get Millennials into Sailing

Triple Bottom Line is Possible for Sailing

Designing Single Gender Programming

Growing Participation through Sailing Events

Programs and Administration in Community Sailing

Sailing Through STEM Event

Stadium Sailing – Making our sport Spectator-Friendly

Think Globally, Act Nationally!

TRACK 2 – Sustaining My Organization

Capital Campaigns for Sailing Centers

Going Digital

Grant Writing for Sailing Programs

Keeping it Local

Nonprofit Management 101

Practice and Refine your Emergency Action Plan

Reach 2017 – The Impact of STEM & Sailing

Safety Walk Through from the Docks to Dumpster for Orgs

TRACK 3 – On the Water Operations

No Excuse for Single Use

Performance Coaching for Community Sailing, Yacht Club, and High Performance

Running a Joint Community Sailing Center

Running your own UN-Reggata

Sharing the Seas

Starting and Maintaining a High School Sailing Team for Beginning Sailors

Teaching the Rules of Racing

TRACK 4 – Professional Skills

Bullying Harassment and Sex on the Water

Developing Leadership Within your Org

Developing Your Jr. Instructors to Directors Through Leadership Training

Developing Youth Through Powerboat

Facilitative Leadership

Human Resources Training and Motivating Staff

Motivating and Utilizing your Volunteers With Background

Programs and Admin